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Support Us

Children must have an adult with them!

Welcome to the Selma Dallas County Public Library where “people closer together “every single day! Whether attending a library event, checking out a book or making a resume, the library staff is ready with a willing smile and a gracious greeting.

We hope that the pictures and stories here will give you a taste of what is happening in and around our library. .

Our past pandemic years have brought us together in many ways and even as we have worn our masks, we have recognized the importance of each other. Relationships have been built and friendships have been made as we shared our stories throughout the months.

Children have come together this summer to celebrate reading bringing their parents and grandparents and neighbors and friends. Newcomers have joined our library bringing new dimensions and new thoughts.

Smiles abound daily in every department- from the hum of the computer to the quiet chatter of our weekly Book Bunch, to the laughter of our children- we are proud of everyday of library life here in Selma, Alabama.

It is our intent to help and support and each patron that comes in our door. We are made stronger and more effective by rendering caring service to all people.

As individual goals are met and kindness is given, the fabric of community is strengthened. If you would like to become a part of our library story. Please feel free to contact me at my email,

Thank you very much,

Becky Nichols, Library Director


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