First Fridays

"The Selma Dallas County Public Library is a community resource center where diversity is celebrated and where people of all backgrounds are welcomed daily for fellowship and learning. Our goal is to provide excellence in library service to the families of this city and county by building bridges of friendship and understanding."
Becky Cothran -Nichols , Library Director, Selma Dallas County Public Library
"The Selma Dallas County Public Library is a working partner with the people of Selma and Dallas County. Our goal is to provide resources, programs, and technology that enhance and enrich the quality of life here for our residents and also for our visitors."

January 6th-11:00 am
Made from Scratch-Learn to use your pantry staples to make foods from sctatch quick and easy. Chricken broth, taco seasoning and more!
Led by Gabe Norton

February 3rd -11:00 am
Making Miveral Make-up-Mix-up a batch to mineral make just for you!
Led by Laura Spencer

March 3rd-11:00 am
Container Gardening-Don't buy it, grow it! Save a few dollars at the grocery store by learning to grow spices, tomatoes and peppers in containers.

April 7th-11:00 am
Store Saving-Learn how to make the most of your money at the grocery store.
Led by Doris Truax