Home Skills

Home Skills
"The Selma Dallas County Public Library is a community resource center where diversity is celebrated and where people of all backgrounds are welcomed daily for fellowship and learning. Our goal is to provide excellence in library service to the families of this city and county by building bridges of understanding that can lead to a better world for us all."
Becky Cothran -Nichols , Library Director, Selma Dallas County Public Library
"The Selma Dallas County Public Library is a working partner with the people of Selma and Dallas County. Our goal is to provide resources, programs, and technology that enhance and enrich the quality of life here for our residents and also for our visitors."

Learn some new skills both in the home and the garden with local experts who know the best way to learn is to Do It Yourself! The goal is to create a better living space for you and your family and care about our planet at the same time!  You can count on a good time and a chance to meet new  neighbors and friends at the library!

25-40 people per sessions. Each will session will be about 1.5 -2.0 hours in length.

Call the Library  to register 874-1725